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:heart: All of these amazing artist!! :iconhappychinaplz: :heart:


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Kumoricon is slowly creeping up and I thought I'll make a new journal by doing a pokemon meme since I have made two pokemon cosplays for the con~~ :iconitalysmileplz:

I found this and I have no idea who this belongs too but here you go~

Which type of Pokemon is your fave?

Which region?
Johto~ That region has got me loving pokemon more~

Which games do you have?
Firered, yellow, Ruby, Sapphire, White, X, and Mystery dungeon gates to infinity. I had pearl buuuut it totally disappeared...  :iconcraiplz: I was so upset that I couldn't find it...

In the games, which gender do you normally choose? 
When you were able to start choosing genders I would pick the girl because I would like to picture myself being the character~~ :iconitalysmileplz:

Do you watch the anime?
When I was little. I think after the Hoen region I stopped.. O^O

How many seen in the Pokedex of your latest game?
Uhhhhh... Snap hold on... I forgot where I put my 3ds..... :iconohnoseplz: Oh I found it~~ That scared me... And uhhh... I've only seen 130 so far... ^^;

And how many caught in that Pokedex?
I only caught 29~ Haha!! Okay so when I started pokemon X I was like.. Imma catch them all!! Then I watched this video and the narrator would always say that pokemon thats not in my party will have to suffer the rest of their lives in a PC and I felt bad so I tried not to catch too many pokemon because I didn't want them to suffer in my PC.. I've been trying to do the Pokemon Amie to ever pokemon I have so yeah~~ That's why I only caught 29...

Do you even like Pokemon?
I grew up with Pokemon and did you read my answer above??? I love pokemon...

Do you collect the Trading Cards?
I actually used to with my siblings and cousins~

If you have the Trading Cards, do you play the game or just collect?
My cousin tried to teach me but I only really collected~~

Do you have an account on Bulbapedia?
Oh... I didn't know you can have an account there.. QvQ

What is your username there?

Do you have a lot of Pokemon pics/stories faved?
No stories but alot of pictures~~

Do you draw Pokemon?
Sometimes... I kinda suck at drawing them~~

Do you write about Pokemon?
No, I'm not really a writer~~

Are your stories/drawings faved?
I don't write stories soo nope~~

What is your favourite Pokemon?
Cyndaquil and its whole evolutions~~~~ And with the new eevelution I fell in love with Sylveon~

And your second favourite?
Oh... Larvitar

What is your favourite legendary?
That's pretty hard but I love Lugia

And your second favourite legendary?
Uuuugh... Ummm...  I dunno... One of the legendary dogs Suicune~~

Do you know what 493 is in the National Pokedex?
In all honesty I dunno what that is...

What is it?
Oh I just looked it up and it's Arceus.... 

Would you rather have a Meowth or a Growlithe?
I want a Growlithe~~~ They're adorable~~

How many of your relatives like Pokemon?
Ummmm.... Four or five I think...

How often do you think about Pokemon?
Uhhh.. I dunno... Not too much but not too less?? OvO;

Do you keep the fact you like Pokemon from your real life friends?
Pffffft No~~ I'm cosplaying pokemon to Kumoricon~~ I have nothing to hide~~

What pets do you have that resemble Pokemon?
Ummmmm I have two cats and one of them remind me of a Pyroar and the other reminds me of Delcatty.

What Pokemon do you hate most?
That's rather hard... Ummm... I didn't like Bidoofs at first because they always get me in the tall grass but they're adorable~~ Soooo... Uhhh... Oh!! Spirit tomb, Cofagrigus, and that new barnical one.... 
I never actually had them in my team before so I don't nknow how good they are but.. I'm not a fan of them.. I'm sorry!! >x<

Which Eeveelution do you like best?
Oh my gulay this is a horrible question because I love ALL of them~~ But If I had to choose then Sylveon and Espeon... And Jolteon... Umbreon... Vaporeon... Fleareon... Leafeon... Glacion... But The top two are Sylveon and Espeon! 

Which Castform form is best?
I like it's rain form~

Which Deoxys forme is best?
They're all good but I like it's defense state~

Which Giratina forme is best?
It's original form is cute~

Skymin or Shaymin?
Just Shaymin... I'm not a fan of it's flying form.

Phione or Manaphy?

Darkrai or Cresselia?
I like Darkrai~~

Gardevoir or Gallade?
Gardevoir is beautiful but Gallade is awesome~

Glalie or Froslass?
Froslass are beautiful and have a sad pokedex entry.. 

Magmortar or Electivire?
Between them I think I'll choose Magmortar..

Chatot or Farfetch'd?
Chatot!! Soo cute~

Pidgey, Spearow or Starly?
I like starly but I love pidgy~~ first generation~~

Latios or Latias?
They are both adorable... I would go with Latias I guess.

Kyogre or Groudon?
Kyogre, I love Groundon but I'll pick kyogre

Dialga or Palkia?

Azelf, Mesprit or Uxie?
uuug... I'll go with Uxie~

Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres?
Awww maaaan... Well I will go with Zapdos~ I've always liked Zapdos a little more out of the three~ I don't normally use electric types but Zapdos is good~

Mew or Mewtwo?
Mew is absolutely adorable but new two is supposinly the strongest pokemon in the world.

Lugia or Ho-Oh?
..... This isn't even a question... Lugia~~~~~~~~~

Entei, Suicune or Raikou?

Celebi or Jirachi?

Which two people will you tag?
Anybody willing to do it~~
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Haha! Well.. It looks like me.. But cuter.. ^^;

:star:Soooo I love to draw, traditional and digital but I mostly do traditional because I like my pencils.... :iconrussiaitalyplz: But if... IF! I post a digital art work thingy It might be really bad because then I get bored and stuff but I'll actually try! :iconchibiamericaplz: Okay gosh Amber quit being negative you hypocrite!! :icontableflipplz: Okay! Soo Thank you to whoever visits my profile and I do really appreciate the favs and watches and the views!! Thank you very much! :iconhappychinaplz: I also take pictures! Whoops.. Forgot about that... Yeah.. Thanks! :iconjapankissplz:

Current Residence: Somewhere in oregon
Favourite genre of music: every kind of music. i don't care not much of a scremo.
Favourite photographer: people who make the calanders!! >w<
Favourite style of art: The style every person in the word draws!!!1!
MP3 player of choice: ??? A good mp3?
Shell of choice: A pretty shell!!
Wallpaper of choice: Hetaria
Skin of choice: IS THAT RACES!!!!?
Favourite cartoon character: I like Godot,Gumshoe,Daryan,Russia,Italy
Personal Quote: "I'm sorry"

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